Advent ((July and August SALE))

Hello Readers,

I have decided to discount my recently published novel, Advent, to $0.99 on all major platforms! This means Advent will be discounted to 0.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. It will be on sale for the remainder of July and throughout August. I hope this gives readers a greater opportunity to gain access to my novel. The link to Advent is posted below.

Advent Discount/Sale

Advent Amazon
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Cat Kydd


Austin Trip ((May 2019))

I realized I never actually talked about my trip to Austin this summer. Thus, I decided why not share a couple of photos on my blog? Below are some of the buildings/areas we encountered on our trip.

This is the skyline of Downtown Austin from the highway. It’s absolutely beautiful at night!

We went to Banger’s Sausage & Beer Garden on Rainey Street. For those who don’t know, Rainey Street is a collection of houses converted into bars and clubs that’s a popular local hangout/nighlife spot. Banger’s was delicious! Also I couldn’t believe how many types of beers they had on tap (picture on the right)!

These are some photos I took of Rainey Street. It is much less crowded and more laidback than the famous 6th Street, yet it was still a lot of fun!

We walked through the trail by Lady Bird Lake and saw some beautiful nature & a nice view view of parts of Downtown Austin.

Got to see the famous Bat Bridge (where Austin’s bats live).

Saw The Driskill Hotel & the inside! There was also an old car parked right next to the hotel.

Went to a ‘dive bar’ called The Jackalope and it was pretty great. Lots of interesting decor and and their hamburgers were amazing! Plus, there’s a huge jackalope in the middle of the restaurant you can sit on and take pictures with (photo on the bottom left).

Next up, hidden bar on 6th Street called the Midnight Cowboy. It is super cool when you first enter. The bar used to be a speakeasy & brothel back in the day. Thankfully, now it’s just a classy bar (and hidden gem).

We went on the Haunted ATX Tour & it was pretty interesting (and spooky)! We drove in a hearse and went to all the haunted areas of Austin (including The Driskill).

Went back to 6th Street at night and it was WILD! There were SO MANY PEOPLE, it was crazy! Got some dinner at Casino El Camino (punk rock burger restaurant & bar).

Almost finished! The next day we went to The University of Texas at Austin (which is so huge it could literally be its own city) to go to the top of the UT Tower. Below is the view from the top of the tower.

Incredible view at the top of UT Tower! You could see the entire city!

Last but not least, we had to see the Texas Capitol!

Hope you enjoyed my Austin vacation photos!

P.S. We went on a bat tour to see the bats fly at night, but barely any actually flew out of the Bat Bridge that day. 😦

Emmeline: A Short Story Available on Amazon

Emmeline: A Short Story is now available exclusively on Amazon for $0.99. For those who do not know, Emmeline is my first written (and now published) short story. Since I got such overwhelming praise from the people who read it, I decided to publish it on the Amazon Kindle Store. Feel free to check it out and buy a copy from the link below (and the one above).

Emmeline: A Short Story on Amazon

P.S. Yes, I created the cover art.

Pride Month – Dallas Pride 2019

As some of you already know, I went to Dallas Pride 2019. It was incredible, definitely the largest pride parade in Dallas. Pride in Dallas has expanded so heavily, they decided to change its location to Fair Park (where the Texas State Fair is located) to accommodate the size. Below are some pictures I took at the parade.

Picture of a section of the crowd at Dallas Pride 2019.

A lot of companies (like… a lot) decided to join in the parade. A lot of them had cool signs! I particularly liked Hilton’s signage.

There were lots of floats, including the (questionable) American Airlines float!

Here are some of the photos I particularly like, including Canada.

Lastly, Pride Cars, Motorcycles & Puppies!

Happy Pride!


Cat Kydd

Thank You to These Book Promo Sites

I wanted to thank these incredible book promotion sites for allowing and/or choosing my novel, Advent, to be placed on certain pages on their website and social media. Any book promotion for indie and/or self-published authors is a huge undertaking and often feels impossible due to the constant influx of newly published material. Being a newly self-published author, I’ve recognized finding affordable book promotion websites are few and far between. Thus, in addition to thanking these book promotion websites, I also want to bring them more exposure for indie/self-published authors looking for affordable publicity. (You can find the pages where Advent was posted on each website by clicking the links below)

Thank you,

Ebook Fan Club (my novel is also on their homepage): 


Awesome Gang

My Book Place

Book Reader Magazine



Cat Kydd

Dear Readers

I guess now is the time to say ‘feel free to join in on reading through my random ramblings.’

Dear Readers (or anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog),

I told myself for years I would vehemently refuse to create a blog. I had been avoiding the prospect for the longest time, drilling into my mind these excuses like, “oh I couldn’t possibly keep up a blog”, “I wouldn’t know what to write about”, and “man, sure seems like a lot of hard work!” These things I told myself are classic examples of self-doubt mixed with a lack of interest. Fast forward to the present, and now I officially have a blog. I’ve decided to try an experiment of sorts, to see if I can really keep up a blog, and write posts pertaining to my writing, design work, life events, and random things I genuinely find interesting and/or insightful. I guess now is the time to say ‘feel free to join in on reading through my random ramblings.’ It’ll be an adventure!


Cat Kydd