7 essential Car Accessories

car accessories

Today technology allows an increasing number of car accessories to be created, facilitating the driver in everyday situations and providing greater performance, cost-effective, among other advantages. When you add modern car accessories to your vehicle, you personalize and add value at the same time, often valuing it for a possible future sale. Below you can see the indispensable and worthwhile car accessories:

Mobile Support
One of the common fines in Brazil is the use of mobile phones behind the wheel . Although dangerous, many drivers still have the habit of driving and using their cell phones at the same time. Often these drivers justify using GPS and maps to guide the best route or find out where a particular location is.

Currently there are several models on the market, either with the option of suction cups or couplings to put them in the ventilation outlet.

USB charger
How often do you need to charge your phone in one day? Anyone who has run out of battery at important times knows how distressing it can be. Whether you can’t confirm an appointment or check for something. It’s not always that we can find an outlet and we often don’t have time to stop everything we are doing and load it. See more car accessories at Automobile Remedy and get the best of your choice for your car.

Parking Sensor
The famous goal is and always will be one of the biggest driver challenges and the reason for many small hits. Is it part of your routine to stop your car before parking, keep looking at whether it is possible to put your vehicle in the available space and end up giving up? You would probably be able to park if you had a parking sensor. Often the biggest problem for drivers is knowing how far it is possible to reverse without touching

Trinket Box and Coaster
Who has never lost something in the car and only found after hours or even days looking for? If your car has limited space or you always carry passengers, the trunk and cup holders are noteworthy car accessories. They can be fitted into the air outlet, the back of the seats or even the panel itself, serving to store various objects besides glasses, such as house keys, water bottles, baby wipes, coins and even serve as dumpsters. .

car accessories

First aid kit
When we think of first aid accidents come to mind, don’t we? But when we talk about this car accessory we are referring to items that can be used on a daily basis in various situations, such as minor injuries when dragging the seat or catching something that has fallen on the floor of the car.

We often experience arm pain after queuing or driving for a long time. With cities becoming increasingly crowded, traffic is already a reality experienced by many and these moments end up becoming, in some cases, extremely unpleasant, especially because the vehicle does not have car accessories that bring greater comfort.

car accessories

Non-slip cushion
One car accessory that has recently become popular with drivers is the non-slip pad to be fitted to the dashboard. Unlike the trunk, which often serves to place various objects, the cushion has the function of placing some main objects, also in order not to lose them inside the car while driving.